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How often should you visit the barber

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How often should you visit the barber

Visiting the barbershop regularly is key to looking fresh and well groomed, but every head is different, so how often you need to schedule your barbershop visits depends on a number of factors. How fast your hair grows, the services you’re after, and how serious you are about maintaining your look, can all impact the number of visits you need to factor into your busy schedule.

We’ve rounded up five ways for you to determine how often you should visit the barbershop.


Things to consider when deciding how often you should visit the barber

  1. How fast your hair grows

The average human hair grows half an inch per month but that can vary greatly from person to person.

Keep an eye on your mop and notice when it starts to get unruly and you’ll know it’s time to get back in to see your barber.

  1. How much maintenance your hairstyle requires

Depending on your hairstyle and hair type, you may need to visit a barbershop more frequently or less frequently to keep it looking tip top.

Some hairstyles require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking perfect whereas other haircuts are more low key and can be worn for long periods of time without looking like you’re overdue for a cut. 

Chat to your barber about how often you should visit, so you can schedule in your appointments in advance to keep your mane looking slick.


  1. Profession

Another factor that affects the frequency of your barbershop visits is your profession.

If you’re in a gig where it’s important to be impeccably groomed at all times, you may need to get a haircut twice a month to ensure no strand is ever out of place. 

If you’re working from home due to the pandemic, or in a job where your hairstyle is your prerogative, going to the barber once every few months might make the most sense for you.


  1. Affordability

Affordability is also an important factor in determining how often you visit the barbershop.

A visit to a high-end barbershop may cost up to $100, while a visit to a cutting bar may cost $100; so how much you have in the kitty may play a role in how often you opt for barbershop services.

Don’t forget to weigh up what you’re getting for your money though - not all barbers are created equal, after all.

  1. Personal taste and choice

Depending on how particular you are about your appearance, you’ll be lining up your barbershop visits periodically, every x number of weeks or you’ll visit sporadically, a few times a year.

The bottom line

It’s up to you how often you frequent the barbershop and what services you get when you visit—whether you’re going in for the whole shebang or just a tidy up.

Chat to your barber and they’ll help you figure out what works best for you.

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