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How to choose the best barbershop

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How to choose the best barbershop

As one of the leading barbers in new farm, we understand just how important finding the best barbershop for you and your style is.

Our appearance undeniably plays a part in our confidence; and the hair on our heads is a big part of that.

Investing in a good quality haircut that suits your face shape, style and personality, can boost your confidence and have you feeling fine. 

Investing in getting your hair done professionally—by barbers who have the proper tools and techniques to give you a killer look—is the best way to ensure you walk out happy.

Getting a good quality ‘do comes down to finding a team you trust, so we’ve pinpointed eight things to look for when choosing the best barbershop. 


8 Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Barbershop

  1. Online reviews, ratings, and customer feedback

It’s important to do your homework when choosing the best barbershop, so you can walk in the door feeling confident that you’ll leave with a fresh look that’s on trend.

A great way to get the inside scoop on a barbershop is by checking out their Google reviews and ratings to get a sense of what others have been saying about them. Also give their social media pages a squiz to get an idea of their visual style, which is usually a good insight into the quality of their work.

  1. Appearance and cleanliness of the barbershop

The best barbershops invest in the look and feel of their space, to create a pleasant, warm, and comforting environment for their customers and, often, to give customers an immediate sense of their style. Many barbershops deck out their waiting area with comfy couches, coffee, and even a cheeky beer or whisky, to really enhance your experience.

Cleanliness is also something to look out for—you want to visit a barbershop that prioritises the health and safety of its clients and is a pleasant environment to be in.

  1. The barber/artist/stylist

While vibe and cleanliness is an important factor when selecting a barbershop, the barber themself is the defining characteristic— they’re the ones with your hair in their hands, after all.

Just like you do your research on the barbershop, you need to do your research on the barbers who work there. You can do this by browsing their bios, sussing out their social profiles, and even looking for reviews that mention specific barbers.

Look for experience and a strong visual aesthetic that’s consistent with yours and you’re off to a good start.

  1. Communication and feedback from the barber

A good barber understands the requirements of their customer and fulfills (if not exceeds) their expectations. This result is only possible if the barber is great at communicating and receiving feedback, and works in somewhat of a team dynamic with the customer—checking in with them to see how they’re liking the look so far to ensure it ends up exactly as they envisioned.

  1. The range of services

There’s no doubt that men’s grooming needs have evolved. No longer do men just want a haircut; they’re looking for the whole hair package—beard grooming, facials, eyebrow threading… you name it.

Find a barbershop that offers all these extra services, and excels at them, and you’re onto a winner.

  1. Grooming, personality, and confidence of the barber

The presentation of barbers in a barbershop can be an indication of their overall service. If the barbers are well-groomed, styled, and clearly take pride in their appearance, you’ll feel assured that they know what they’re doing and are confident in their craft.

This confidence makes it easy to trust your barber’s advice, so they can guide you to achieve the perfect look for you—one that you’ll keep on coming back for.

  1. Chat to other customers 

Few things are more valuable when looking for the best barbershop than direct feedback from their existing customers. 

If people are willing to personally recommend a service it’s a pretty good indication of quality, so seek out existing well-tressed clients and ask around to help you make a better, and much more informed, decision.

  1. Have a trial run

Sussing out a barbershop can’t all be done from the web or standing outside the storefront. Going in for something simple—a tidy up (sides, back of your head, and above your ears) perhaps—is a great way to check out their service and get a feel for the type of experience you can expect.


The bottom line

If you care about the hair on your head, it pays to take some time to find the best barbershop for you. 

Twin Palms is a barbershop combining traditional barber services with current, on-trend styling in a contemporary space. Get in touch if you want to chat about what we offer and how we can help.

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