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How to get the right hairstyle for your face shape

Posted by Twin Palms on
How to get the right hairstyle for your face shape

As one of the leading barbers in Newstead, we get hundreds of customers asking us to find the perfect hairstyle for their face shape.

Let’s, erm, face it… no two faces are the same; they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and proportions.

Getting a hairstyle that frames your face is key to looking (and feeling) good. There’s nothing worse than walking around with a mane that looks like it should be on someone else's head.

To help you out, we’ve broken down the seven most common face shapes and the best hairstyles to pair with them.

Check ‘em out below.


Understanding the shape of your face

Your face shape is determined by the proportions of your features. So, the best way to figure out what yours is, is to whip out a measuring tape and measure the length of your forehead, jawline, face, and cheekbones. 

  • Forehead: Measure the distance between your temples.
  • Jawline: Start at the lowest part of your chin and draw a line to the bottom part of your ears. Multiply the result by two and you have your jawline length.
  • Face Length: Measure from the centre of your hairline to the bottom-most part of your chin.
  • Cheekbones: Start at your outer eye arch and draw a line down to the sharpest part of your cheek.

Now that you’re all measured up, let’s break down the different face shapes.


The 7 different types of face shapes

  1. The oval face shape

You’re part of the oval face club if the length of your face is more than the distance of your cheekbones. Also, your forehead should be bigger than your jawline.

  1. The rectangle face shape

You’re rockin’ a rectangular face if the length of your profile is greater than all your other features. In other words, your jawline, cheekbones and forehead are roughly the same size.

  1. The heart face shape

For your face to resemble a heart, the length of your forehead needs to be bigger than your cheekbones. Your chin also needs to be a bit more pointed to give that triangular effect of the heart.

  1. The diamond face shape

Similar to the heart face shape, your chin needs to be sharp; however, the length of the face should be bigger than your cheekbones and forehead this time around.

  1. The triangular face shape

Moving on to the triangular face shape. If you have one of these bad boys, you’ll have a longish jawline. The length of it is much longer than that of your cheekbones or forehead, giving you that strong, triangular shape.

  1. The square face shape

This face shape requires symmetry between all four facial elements. Additionally, the jawline is pronounced—strong and sharp—rather than round and flat.

  1. The round face shape

Lucky last, the round face shape. To qualify for this soft-looking profile, the length of your forehead and jawline will be similar. The length of your face and cheekbones will also be similar. 

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