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The Best Beard Fashion Styles Trending In 2021

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The Best Beard Fashion Styles Trending In 2021

Beards have always been a thing but there’s no denying that they’ve evolved in recent years into a strong style statement that says a lot about who you are, you know, as a man. A well-maintained, properly styled beard can convey adventure, seriousness and maturity—the vibe all depends on the shape and style of the beard.

Beards have become so popular, that beard grooming is now commonplace in most barbershops. We’ve put together a rundown on the best beard fashion styles trending in 2021, so chat to your barber about the one that’s best for you.


Top 7 best beard fashion styles trending in 2021

  1. The 5 O’Clock shadow beard

The 5 O’Clock shadow beard is as timeless and classic as it gets. While it’s true that some people can grow a perfect shadow in a day, expert barbers believe that you need three to five days to get that classic shadow outlining your best features.

  1. The corporate beard

This heavier beard style (closely cropped, with about two to three inches of growth) has come out of the shadows during the pandemic. It’s sophisticated, professional, and shows you give a shit about what you’ve got on your face. This look requires thick facial hair, so your ability to pull this off may come down to your genes, but have a chat to your barber about what you can achieve.

  1. The scruff

The scruff is a beard fashion style that will be in full force within a three-week period. It’s bushier than stubble and all about irregularity. The natural look of the scruff gives off an effortless, masculine vibe and it’s pretty low maintenance too, so if you want a beard without the effort—this option is for you.

  1. The goatee

Edgy, sharp and stylish, the goatee works best on slim, angular faces but, hey, rules are made to be broken. For the beard to look its best, pair it with a short hairstyle that’s slightly disheveled. Patchy beard growth getting you down? The goatee could be the answer.

  1. The beardstache

As the name suggests, a beardstache is smack bang in the middle of stubble and a mustache; a combo of a strong mustache style and a heavy stubble beard, for a hyper-masculine look. Perfect for you lucky gents with thick facial hair growth. 

  1. The faded beard

Love a good fade on your head? Why not try it on your jawline?

Starting with a heavier fade in the cheekbone region, this beard gets heavier as it tapers towards the chin. One of the hottest beard trends going ‘round and destined to become a classic.

  1. The Corona beard

There’s not many things we have to thank COVID for but if it wasn’t for more and more people working from home, the Corona beard trend may never have seen the light of day. This beard requires no maintenance and you can let it grow as long as you desire, perfect for lockdown or when you’re just feeling lazy.  

Run a comb through it if you’re feeling fancy.


How to maintain your beard

Beards are killer, but if you don’t know how to maintain them you run the risk of looking more trashy than trendy.

For the best beard results, we recommend adding the following to your grooming routine:

  • Book regular appointments with your preferred barber to style and trim the beard
  • Use recommended products like beard oils to ensure luscious growth and help improve the growth and thickness of your facial hair
  • Comb your beard from time to time - heavier and thicker beard types require more combing than shorter ones
  • Wash your beard as recommended by your barber - steer clear of using too many chemicals and opt for natural beard cleaners with clean ingredients, if you can
  • Ensure your beard complements your hairstyle - chat to your barber to come up with a style that works best for you.

The bottom line

Beards make a serious statement but they’re an investment, so if you’re going to grow one, make sure you’re prepared for its ongoing maintenance. Feel free to chat with us about the best beard fashion style for you.

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