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A cut above | Check out the top 10 trending hairstyles of 2021

Posted by Twin Palms on
A cut above | Check out the top 10 trending hairstyles of 2021

On the hunt for a fresh look this year?

A visit to the barber is an affordable way to switch up your look when you’re wanting to punch up your style a little.

After 2020 saw people letting their hair go (and grow) due to the pandemic, 2021 brings with it a host of new possibilities when it comes to men’s haircut styles and trends. Whether it’s modern classics like the crew cut or more adventurous options like the disconnected undercut, there’s something to suit every head.

We’ve broken down our picks of the 10 men’s hair trends for 2021.


List of the Top 10 Trending Hairstyles of 2021

  1. The crew cut

Short and sharp, the crew cut is a classic hairstyle that’s all about intent.

It’s also extremely versatile; keep the hair on top short or grow it long enough for a side-swept finish - the choice is yours.

Want to crank up the volume on your crew cut? We love a low fade on the sides or, if you're keeping it buttoned up for your corporate gig, go with the ivy league crew for a more conservative look. 

The undercut

It’s official - the undercut is here to stay, and continues to be one of the most statement-making hairstyles of 2021.

The perfect choice for those who want a short, easy-to-manage ‘do with a bit of wow factor; done right, the undercut can really get heads turning.

Take your undercut to the next level with a pompadour, quiff or even some fringes if you want to have some fun with it.

  1. The disconnected undercut

Unlike the traditional undercut, where the fade is gradual, the disconnected undercut has a sharp fade that is emphasised by the line up.

The disconnected undercut is stylish without being too showy and still has a nice mount of edge. Pairs nicely with a well-trimmed beard.

  1. The low fade

There’s a reason fade haircuts are so on trend - here’s a fade to suit every head, so you can tailor it to suit you.

A low fade is a great option if you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle but not go too crazy - it’s relatively understated, but stylish enough to look like you give a shit about what’s on your head.

Not sure if the fade’s for you? No stress, our barbers will sort you out with the best fade for your mug.

  1. The high fade

An enduring favorite, the high fade involves sides that taper from long to short, generally following a line that goes straight back from the corner of the forehead, getting shorter as it moves down the head.

Perfect for those wanting to make a statement, but leave it to the professionals to ensure you get a streamlined look.

  1. The side part

Not to be confused with the hairstyle made famous by teen girls in the 90s nineties, the side part involves three components—hair on the top of your head long enough to comb, a defined or deconstructed side part, and back and sides at whatever length you like.

Simple, stylish and smart, the side part is a great choice for the working man when a quiff or a fade just doesn’t do it for you.

  1. The pompadour

If it’s volume you’re after, it’s time to give the pompadour a try.

We’ll leave plenty of hair on top and scissor-cut slightly shorter at the back and sides, leaving the fringe longer than the hair at the crown, to give you the perfect pomp to match your strut.

  1. The quiff

It’s easy to mistake the quiff for the pompadour but there are some key differences.

Unlike the pomp, the quiff sports a hair bulge right at the centre and then curves or slides back down to the sides. 

Perfect for those looking for a longer style with a healthy amount of swagger.

  1. The comb over

Not content with its reputation as an old man’s do, the comb over has evolved into one of the most sophisticated haircut styles you can ask your barber for.

Done right, we think it’s got the perfect combo of classic style and edgy masculinity.

  1. The blowout

For a sleek look with some serious oomph, give the blowout a try. 

All you need is a good crop of medium-length hair on the top of your head, and ask your barber to taper down from the sides and blend it on top.

Destined to become one of the top hairstyles of 2021. 


The bottom line

No matter what kind of hairstyle you opt for, it’s the way you wear it that really matters. Chat to a barber you trust and they can help you find a cut that will best suit you and the style you’re going for.

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